A Spring Visit to Wheeler’s Maple and Pancake House

Every spring season, Mike and I try to visit a different maple producer in Ontario. At times, we work with a tourism partner, but the visit to Wheelers in 2019 was a family trip.

We returned for a family breakfast in April 2022! To celebrate the spring, we went to Wheelers (reservations recommended!) for delicious pancakes, French toast, and sausages.

The snow had melted away by late April, and the sap wasn’t running. Heavy dark clouds hung in the sky, piling up to the horizon, so after we ate, we walked around and simply enjoyed being in the presence of family.

Being close. Hugging. This visit was about togetherness for me, and after my feast of pancakes and sausages, I was feeling a carb coma coming on. The trails would have to wait until 2023. ?

So these are last year’s photos (I’ll add the French Toast pics from this visit soon) with a beautiful blanket of snow, perfecting the scenery.

The Pancake House

Inside The Pancake House

If you look inside the Pancake House, it was almost empty just after lunchtime in 2019. However, 2022 is hopping! The entire dining room was packed from the time we arrived, just before 11 a.m. for our reservation, until 1 p.m., when I left.

Maple Production

The Maple Museum

The Animals

The Maple Heritage and Chainsaw Museum

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