What’s in my camera bag? | 2022

Lighter weight gear allows me to carry a large assortment in my camera kit no matter where my sometimes solo adventures take me.

The micro four-thirds line of cameras more than meets my needs as a travel and food photographer while the 16MP sensor allows for medium sizes appropriate wall prints, plus publishing in magazines, books and newspapers.

Panasonic Lumix m43 Cameras & Lens Pairings

G9 | Panasonic Lumix 100-300mm

The Panasonic Lumix G9 really delivers with its incredible in-body stabilization. Paired with the 100-300mm telephoto lens, it’s ideal for wildlife photography without the necessity for a tripod.

The batteries are compatible with the GH3, and the camera is weather sealed.

GM5 | Panasonic Lumix 7-14mm f4 | Panasonic Lumix 20mm f1.7

Tiny, and fits in my pocket with either the pancake 20mm f1.7 or the massive 7-14mm wide-angle lens. I never leave home without this discreet m43 camera as it’s especially useful in restaurants and crowded situations.

GH3 | Panasonic Lumix 12-35 f2.8 | 14mm

The GH3 is a beast that captures beautiful photos. The sealed body is perfectly paired with the 12-35mm weather-sealed, dustproof and splashproof lens. The low profile 14mm is easy to squeeze into any pack, so it comes along without ever coming out of the bag, it’s for emergencies.

This camera and lens pairing are used primarily for timelapse recordings on road trips.

GF3 | Panasonic Lumix 20mm f1.7 | Polaroid Diving Case


Panasonic Lumix 20mm f1.7

I always, always carry this lens, it’s my go-to for food shots and nighttime photography.

Beautiful and smooth bokeh.

This is also my prime choice to pair with my GF3 for it-will-get-wet adventures like swimming and kayaking.

Panasonic Lumix 7-14mm f4

A new addition to my kit in 2021, it has been a joy to use on hiking trips – especially when surrounded by tall trees.

With its incredibly wide view, I can capture immense landscapes in one shot. The downside is how large objects are compressed and look tiny compared to the real view.

Must-have lens & filters that are now backups

Panasonic Lumix 14-140mm

Perfect all-around lens, sharp throughout the entire focal range. This lens is a perfect walkaround lens for city exploration, urban adventures and on the trail.

I have not used this lens in almost two years, but if I could only carry one lens, this would be it so when I travel with a suitcase (instead of a backpack) this lens comes with me even if it goes unused.

Panasonic Leica 100-400mm

I already have a dedicated telephoto, but I’d love to own this wildlife lens.

Circular Polarizer Lens filter

CPLs are great for cutting reflections

Essentials & extras

Peak Design Camera Straps

My preference is for Peak Design camera straps, they are easily switched between the gear I am using and quickly removed when not needed. The wide straps are especially comfortable for long periods of time and long enough to wear across the body.

Peak Design Camera Rain & Dust Shell

This is a key piece of gear when I’m travelling for a few days and the weather can’t be counted on to stay sunny.

Mini Tripod with Quick Release Plate

The most important part of selecting a tripod is making sure it can hold your camera and lens weight. I chose the Moman Mini Tripod, it can support my heaviest gear without slipping.

Suction Cup Camera Mount

Great for recording video during road trips and timelapse, I own a Delkin Devices Mini Fat Gecko but there are multiple designs available to match your needs.

Small Panel Light, photography & video

While you can turn on your phone flashlight to illuminate a subject, a pocket-sized, mountable, USB-charged panel light with adjustable brightness and temperature is a delight to use in photography and video.

Extra Memory Cards

Go the extra mile and find SD cards that are waterproof, freezeproof, heatproof, shockproof and x-ray proof for added protection of your precious pictures.

Extra Batteries

I’ve tested all my batteries for longevity, so I’ll know how many batteries to bring on trips when a charger is not available.

Setting a sleep mode on my camera helps preserve battery life while allowing quick use for photography on the trail without draining juice with constant powering on/off.

Lens Wipes

Don’t even think about using your shirt (or fingers) to clean your lenses – bring lens wipes!

Adventure & Action Cameras

There are times when I do not want to risk damaging my main camera with water adventures and the rigours of bad weather, even if the body and the lens are weather-sealed, so I have a lineup of adventure cameras ready.

Panasonic Lumix FZ300

A light superzoom camera for paddling adventures and wet weather conditions – my fz300 has swum in a lake and survived. We used to go everywhere together so it breaks my heart to say; this is now my expendable camera. It’s the camera I pack to I expose to extreme conditions should I encounter them.

GoPro HERO7 Black 4K Waterproof

Waterproof and records in 4K, plus it has the most impressive stabilization I’d seen up to that point.

This is a key piece of gear when I’m travelling for a few days and the weather can’t be counted on to stay sunny.

Audio Recording

Tascam DR-100 Audio Recorder

Is it overkill? Probably, but I won’t need to get another portable recorder! Other options I’d considered was the Zoom H1, Tascam DR5, Zoom H4N, and the Tascam DR40, but the DR100 was in perfect condition albeit the oldest in this model series.

Comica Mini Shotgun Videomic

A lightweight directional, cardioid mic that connects by a hot shoe or screw mount. This kit comes with everything I need, from a carrying case, a mic foam and a dead cat, plus TRS & TRRS cables.

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This gear list contains NO affiliate links! I encourage you to shop around for the best prices – I’ve purchased much of my gear used from eBay and Kijiji.