Easy Hike on Loudon Peatland Trail at Mashkinonje Provincial Park

The Loudon Peatland Trail at Mashkinonje Provincial Park became an instant favourite! I could have hiked it twice, but alas, there was only time for one slow tour around the loop and lookout before I had to continue my road trip.

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There’s an easy gravel path to follow through the mixed forest towards #Mashkinonje Marsh and the boardwalk. When the trail got a little steep, a series of switchbacks were in place for a safer descent.

Across the boardwalk is a wheelchair-accessible lookout platform over the marsh.

Then I go into the woods!

You can see in some photos how hikers’ constant treading has worn away the vegetation from the rock’s surface.

Preserve our parks by staying on the path and keeping dogs on a leash. #leavenotrace

The Lookout Tower’s linear trail to the Loudon Peatland has a sign marker, extending the hike from 2.8km to 4.5km.

Views from the Loudon Peatland Lookout Tower

Worth the distance? Absolutely!

Returning on the Loudon Pealand loop, I passed by a second beaver pond on the trail.

I had another look over Loudon Peatland from a distance.

The trail continues.

A third beaver pond.

I passed the smallest bog I’d ever seen. Honestly, without the signage, I would have missed it.

Reaching the trail’s end is always bittersweet especially in this case. Mashkinonje Provincial Park is hours and hours away from my home, but if I have the chance to explore these trails again, I’d say yes in a heartbeat.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Mashkinonje Provincial Park is a non-operational park. Friends of Mashkinonje members and volunteers maintain trails.

๐Ÿ“ Mashkinonje Provincial Park
๐ŸŒฒ Traditional lands of the Anishinabewaki แŠแ“‚แ”‘แ“ˆแฏแ—แ‘ญ, and, Mississauga.

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