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Sips, #Shipwrecks and Sightseeing | Map

On this trip map, we focus on craft breweries, shipwrecks, and sightseeing throughout the Bruce Grey Simcoe region.



Enjoy the incredible views as you drive along the Georgian Bay, take in the natural wonders, sip delicious craft beer and cider, finally, see some interesting shipwrecks!

Lion’s Head Preserve is a beautiful and challenging hike.  Explorers should take care – just as there are chimney formations in the stone above as you travel, but there are also chimnies in the stone ground. Take care to ensure everyone’s safety.

I recommend a Sunset Cruise in Tobermory, which takes you along the Niagara Escarpment and the return during the sunset. This was one of my favourite cruises of all time!

The Grotto is a trendy attraction. You’ll need to reserve your parking spot before visiting – or stay overnight. If not, you risk being turned away, and you may wait hours in line to find this out during the busy season. For an alternate perspective, take The Blue Heron Sunset Cruise – you’ll love the unique view of the swimming hole and cave, plus all the coves and cliffs along the way!

Heading to Tobermory? Be warned, it’s jam-packed come mid-June and through the end of summer – expect a two-hour, bumper-to-bumper wait to reach this destination during the high season. Make reservations before travelling. Never count on vacancies in Tobermory.

The Flower Pot Island Tour – whether you opt to hike or camp on Flower Pot island or opt for a Scenic Cruise, you’ll be blown away by the incredible views of the geological formations.

I recommend looking a the cruise that takes you into Big Tub Harbour to float over the shipwrecks before cruising to Flowerpot Island, like the Non-Stop Scenic Tour with Blue Heron Co.

Please follow Leave No Trace practices. Wear proper gear, pay attention and stay on the trail – these are extremely fragile ecosystems you will be visiting!

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