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Geology and Nature Exploration Across Ontario

We’ve saved you time and research, marking geology locations to explore, fossil and rock hunting, plus highlighting some of Ontario’s natural wonders for you to discover. In addition to outdoor adventures, we’ve also marked out museums along the way!

Follow destination guidelines – some allow collection and digging for fossils, while others are protected areas like conservations and parks where visitors should only observe what is surrounding them. If you don’t know, ask them you go!

Wear appropriate footwear to the location you are visiting – especially at mines and pits where close toe shoes will be required before entry is allowed.  Bring the right gear – some will provide you with digging tools, others need you to bring your own.

Stay on the path and help to protect the delicate ecosystems and landscapes you’ll be visiting – from flower colonies to sand dunes.

Bring binoculars, a zoom camera or both to get closer to wild animals, plants and points of interest.

Bring out what you brought in! Pack up your garbage and recycling to dispose of responsibly.