Ready to travel!

Discover the Thousand Islands

Take your meals at the restaurants in town, enjoy drinks on the waterfront patios along the river and watch boats and cruises go by!

Visit museums, walk around the historic villages, see the murals that paint a picture of the past and plaques narrate the story of the area.

Choose from daytime departures of varying lengths and destinations or a sunset cruise – some tours offer meals and entertainment!

Some cruises offer an option to stop at Boldt Castle or Singer Castle – giving you breathtaking views of the 1000 Islands while learning about its history.

Bike along the Thousand Islands Parkway for breathtaking views – stop at the many lookout points and parks along the way for a picnic and a stroll.

Kayak, canoe and SUP rentals available on the river, and Lake Ontario, options available for guided tours of the islands or you can opt for a self-guided paddle.

Get high in the sky but keep your feet ‘on the ground’ with a trip to the 1000 Islands Tower! There are three levels to the Skydeck – including an open-air viewing platform at the top!

You must go up in a helicopter for a tour at least once in your lifetime! Seeing the 1000 islands and the area from that far above is completely transformative!