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Ontario’s Destinations Mapped


Kingston, coming soon

Rich history, beautiful architecture, and incredible local food are just some of the few attractions this city has much to offer our visitors. With one of the highest number of restaurants per capita, there is a meal to satisfy every flavour palate.

Explore the Thousand Islands

There is so much to do with daytime & sunset cruises, museums, downtown shopping, a tower with a viewing Skydeck, helicopter tours, music & plays, restaurants & waterfront patios with delicious meals, plus craft brews.

Bruce Peninsula

Sips, snacks, shipwrecks, and sightseeing is the focus of this trip.  Incredible vistas as you drive, natural wonders to discover, delicious craft beer and cider, plus some really cool shipwrecks - what is not to like about this one?

province wide

Kayak, Canoe & SUP Rentals & Tours

Love #paddling and want to know where else you can rent a watercraft to explore Ontario's waterways, rivers and lakes? This detailed map will help find the outfitters and marina that offer rentals, from recreational to touring kayaks, canoes and SUP boards!

Geology and Nature Exploration

A detailed map to help you explore geological features, #fossil and geode hunting, mine digging and #cave diving, discover wonders in the wilderness, plus museum locations to help you further learn about the natural history of our area

Adventures and Adrenaline

Looking for adventures that will push your limits? From kayak trips and canoe expeditions, skydiving and scuba diving to dogsledding, snowmobiling and more, this guide will help you discover your inner explorer!