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Cabot Trail Road Trip around Cape Breton

The Cabot Trail, located on Cape Breton, Nova Scotia is an emerald gem in the spring and summer that must be seen.  When autumn gilds the area in gold, coppers, and rustic reds, Cape Breton celebrates its splendour.  Winter transforms the landscape once again, into a glittering diamond while blustery and blinding white other days.

No matter the season, the views are incredible and everyone needs to soak in this natural beauty at least once.

Wait until you can pull over safely – better yet, wait for the designated lookouts to stop. There are many of them and trust us, you won’t be disappointed by the views.

There are short trails, coves, and numerous lookout points on the main route to take in the vistas if you’re skipping the long hikes along the Cabot Trail.

Drive Slowly, the majestic moose and other wildlife are making road crossings. Fog impairs visibility, be careful.

Pack a lunch and snacks to devour. Bring water and other hydrating beverages to consume while you travel and to carry on hikes.

Cape Breton Highlands National Park operating season is May to October, while the Cabot Trail is open year round.

Attractions, accommodations, and access can be seasonal, check before you travel – do not assume destinations are open in the off-season.