Pioneer History on The Shield Trail in Bon Echo

Pass through hardwood forests, cedar lowlands, marshlands, and near Bon Echo Lake along your journey through this beautiful backcountry trail.

The Shield Trail Details

4.8km, moderate difficulty

A Bon Echo backcountry trail

The moderately difficult trail takes hikers through a rugged landscape where settlers, miners and lumbermen once tried to carve out a living. Most of the evidence of their lives here has been reclaimed by nature. 🌲

This is a relatively accurate walkthrough as the photos are in the approximate order taken on the trail.

Follow the Old Addington Road, to the Shield Trail.

Time to hike deep in the southern region of the Canadian Shield.

Walk on pine needle carpets and rockface, over roots and around boulders while admiring the varied wilderness.

The sun started peeking out from behind the clouds.

Passing by a marsh and a beaver dam while the clouds close in

The last leg of the Shield Trail and a peek at Bon Echo Lake

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