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Fairy hiding behind a mushroom stalk

An Otherworldly Adventure at Fort Henry

If you haven’t heard, Fort Henry has launched a brand new enchanting, family-friendly attraction called “The Otherworld.” Once we discovered this amazing attraction, Mike and I decided to do a double-feature. Magic would be needed to ward off the chills and terror after experiencing #FortFright – but that’s another story. Having survived the scare-fest, we…
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Semi Professional Scientist

The Tunnels of Terror at Fort Fright

Welcome to the historic and haunted Fort Henry National Historic Site. There is a fascinating history at this location, but during the fall, we tend to focus on the darker stories about the fort. Over the years, eerie tales of soldiers falling their deaths, other accidents and death on the gallows.  Some employees and visitors say…
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Kayaking at Gould Lake – A Mom & Me Adventure

My mom, Sharon Csernak, is an artist and loves exploring the wilderness like me. She enjoys hikes in the summer and cross-country skiing during the cold months. She seeks out nature all year round to feed her adventurous soul. This is how I knew my mom would love a day trip out to the beautiful Gould Lake…
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