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Redwing Trail | Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary | St Lawrence Parks | Fall Photoblog

Cloudy skies made for some very moving and dramatic photographs at the Upper Canada Migratory Bird Sanctuary.

Heading down the Redwing Trail

We saw so many Egrets on the Red Wing Trail’s boardwalk. Instead of walking many trails, we spent almost an hour gazing upon these graceful birds as they waded through the wetlands.

The beautiful landscape along the boardwalk was an easy escape into nature as we walked through the sanctuary.

A short path through the woods

Redwing Trail continues along a second boardwalk

Entering woodlands on the wetland’s edge.

Watch your step! Exposed roots and soggy footing ahead!

Sunshine starts to break through the clouds

Shadows and shafts of sunlight through the trees

Dappled sunlight dances across the trail at the end

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