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Check regional and provincial guidelines before travelling!

ontario covid 19 travel restrictions may be in place.

If you were to stop here, hoping to reconnect with Mother Nature, you’d only need to take a few steps along the trail before the stress would be melting away.

Wilderness Trails Navigation

There is a large map at the main trailhead and the steep sections are indicated, so you can plan your route.

The way is well marked throughout the parklands, plus the side loops have distance and time to complete on their own trailhead signage, should you decide to veer off the main path.

Yellow Trail

Treetops sway in the wind and their shadowy silhouettes dance in the sunshine on this walk through the woodlands and beautiful grassy fields.

Yellow Trail, rock cliffs

Deeper into the wilderness, the forest grows thick and the canopy above filters much of the light. The trail follows the base of a rock cliff, where wildflowers, ferns, and other shade-loving plants grow with abundance.

Top of the Mountain

The Mallard Pond

There are plenty of vantage points along this little pond, where you could catch a glimpse of wildlife.

Returning on the Red Trail

Back up and over the hill

Old Ski Hill Side Loop

Old Ski Hill Lookout


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