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Guided Tour | Full Day Trip | 1000 Islands Kayaking | Summer Photoblog

It was a beautiful day for a guided tour on the St.Lawrence River.

We arrived 30 minutes before our tour was scheduled so that our launch wouldn’t be delayed!

👉 When you get to 1000 Islands Kayaking, you’ll need to read and sign waivers, get the right sized lifejacket, and finalize your payment.

👉 Once you’re all done in the office, your tour guide will take you through some basic kayaking knowledge while on land. You might need to help carry the gear to the kayak launch, and then you and your group will be ready for adventure!





6+ Hours


June 8/19




Before and after crossing the river to the Admirality Islands

From the first dip of a kayak paddle into the water, I propelled myself forward with an ease that was unfamiliar to me. The movements feel natural, and my perspective of the world was vastly different than anything I’d ever experienced before. I was hooked.

Pausing at the islands before passing through

Paddling over a shipwreck

My view port is all fogged up! Time to clean out the camera’s dive case before continuing the tour.

Halfmoon Bay

Halfmoon Bay was a peaceful spot to take a break but, the tour must go on!

The journey continues

Paddling up to Beau Rivage Island

Kayak launch @ Beau Rivage Island | Lunch Break

Incredible views while hiking around Beau Rivage Island

Red Chairs | Beau Rivage Island | Parks Canada

Lunch! Prepared by 1000 Islands Kayaking

Marvelling at the clear waters around Beau Rivage Island

Soaking in the sun, sitting at the kayak launch after lunch

Afternoon paddling

Across from Gananoque | End of the kayaking tour

Our guide, Noah, demonstrates a kayak roll!

Gananoque, Ontario 📍 Lands of the Ho-de-no-sau-nee-ga (Haudenosaunee), Mississauga, and, Wendake-Nionwentsïo.

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