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Ephemeral Spring Wildflowers | #OptOutside | Natural Treasures

e·phem·er·al /əˈfem(ə)rəl/ That which lasts for only a short time. Spring wildflowers bloom during a tiny window, and the best place to look for them is along trails in open fields, woodlands, deciduous forests and some mixed forests.

Kayaking | Charleston Lake Provincial Park | #1000islands | Summer PHOTOBLOG

About Charleston Lake Provincial Park: “The park occupies 23.53 square kilometres in the Frontenac Axis region, a southern extension of the Canadian Shield. Charleston Lake offers many opportunities for paddle sport enthusiasts. Paddlers can explore the lake’s 75 km of shoreline and numerous bays and coves.

Boldt Castle Helicopter Tour | 1000 Islands | Winter Photoblog

1000 Islands Helicopter Mike Hector: Writer & I have toured with 1000 Islands Helicopter for Tourism 1000 Islands blogs, and this time, we had a guest coming to visit!

Aerial Views & Seaway Hues Tour | 1000 Islands Helicopter | Summer Photoblog

Ready for lift-off! It was a hot day with a high UV index, and the haze was hanging in the air, but oh, the clouds were so fluffy, and the sky was the bluest blue!

Guided Tour | Full Day Trip | 1000 Islands Kayaking | Summer Photoblog

A Bright and Beautiful Day for a Guided Kayaking Tour

1000 Islands Tower | Skydeck | Hill Island | Spring Photoblog

SPRINGING TO LIFE The beauty of the 1000 islands is a view that many people seek out when coming to Ontario, and travelling along the St. Lawrence River and up to the Skydeck of the 1000 Islands Tower is no exception!