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Boldt Castle Helicopter Tour | 1000 Islands | Winter Photoblog

Flying by Boldt Castle



1000 Islands Helicopter

1000 Islands Helicopter

Mike Hector: Writer & I have toured with 1000 Islands Helicopter for Tourism 1000 Islands blogs, and this time, we had a guest coming to visit!

Amber, Adventures of an Oxymoron, had added a *small* detour to her road trip, lured by the beauty of the #1000islands and the chance to see them from the air. She was coming up through Canada, and we were happy to host her for a little while before continuing on her journey.

1000 Islands Helicopter - Flying over Gananoque

Flying Over Gananoque

The tour begins over the beautiful and charming Town of #Gananoque! This is where we get the first glimpse of the frozen St.Lawrence river with minimal snow cover.

Patterns. Texture. Colour.

The winter beauty of the #1000Islands had me captivated – I could not take my eyes off the landscape passing below us. We were lucky that some river areas were clear of snow, giving us uninterrupted views of the dark ice covering the water surface.

Flying around Boldt Castle

Boldt Castle Flyover

Seeing the beautifully restored Boldt Castle is a highlight for me everything I explore the 1000 islands – especially by helicopter! πŸšπŸ˜ πŸ°

I love an excuse to fly, and that day was perfect for it. Clouds dotted the big blue sky, but the sunlight chased those shadows aways for our double sweep around the castle.

Snow Covered Landscape

🚁 UP, UP, AND AWAY! πŸš

The afternoon light played over the #ThousandIslands and the St.Lawrence River, shadows danced across the frozen landscape as we wrapped up another amazing tour with 1000 Islands Helicopter Tours / Kouri’s Kopters Inc.!

Flying into the Sun

I always come home with a million memories – and just a *few* pictures!

Even though it was mid-afternoon, it felt like we were flying into the sunset – what a superb ending to our day!

Boldt Castle Heli VLOG

Although I concentrated more on taking photos – as you may have already seen – I did shoot a little bit of video!

As always, I wish our flights were never-ending, and the minute my feet touch the ground, all I wanted to do is fly again with 1000 Islands Helicopter!

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Take a summer flight over the 1000 Islands.

#notsponsored β€“ I flew with 1000 Islands Helicopter on a photography assignment with Tourism 1000 Islands and RTO9: South Eastern Ontario, for travel blogs published on their respective consumer website.

4 Responses

  1. Love this concept of a photo blog. Now you have given us inspiration. thank you.
    Beautiful pics!!

    • Heidi Csernak says:

      Thank you! πŸ₯° Sometimes we just need to let the images speak for themselves – and I have so many photos to share! πŸ“Έ Happy to have inspired you! 😁

  2. Jaw-dropping, Heidi! The Saint Lawrence is simply majestic and the 1000 Islands must be quite a treat to explore, any season! Your superb pics only make it all more inviting – loved the video too!

    • Thank you! It’s an incredible experience, no matter what time of the year we fly! It took a few flights to figure out how to take photographs from the helicopter – and happy I remember to take some video! I usually forget!

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