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Bon Echo Provincial Park Cruising & Kayaking PHOTOBLOG

Photography Journal by Heidi Csernak

Mazinaw Rock at the Narrows

From the first moment I saw the 330 foot tall Mazinaw Rock, I only wanted to get closer. Everytime I saw boaters and paddlers along the cliff face, it only made me long for our time on the water.

We spent much of our first days at Bon Echo Provincial Park exploring the trails, so cruising and kayaking was being saved to give breaks to our legs while at the Park.

The Visitor Center

Before headed out on your cruise or kayak, make sure to explore the displays dedicated to interpreting the pictographs on Mazinaw Rock, and a replica of one of the paintings.

You'll also find numerous photos with information explaining what they are believed to represent and the meaning of the spiritual dreams painted on the rocks.

Greystones Gift & Book Shop

We purchased our tickets at Greystones, for both the Wanderer Boat Tour, and the Mugwump Ferry ride to the Cliff Top trailhead. 

The store and gift shop are run by Friends of Bon Echo so all proceeds go right back into the park!

Wanderer Boat Tour

45-minute interpretive tour

This boat tour will took us along the shoreline, while the guide talked about the history of Bon Echo Provincial Park.

We saw the Visitor Centre, Greystones, Cabin on the Hill and a few campsites from the water. The tour boat coasted past rocky outcrops, kayakers, and campers out for a swim before crossing Mazinaw Lake to the cliffs.

Returning along Mazinaw Rock, the tour guide spoke about the natural history of this region, stopping beside the cliffs when it was safe so we could have a closer look at the rock formations and pictographs.

Of the many incredible rock formations we marvelled at, Turtle Head really stood out - it's easy to see where its name came from!

There were some incredibly small and ancient trees whose roots are clinging to life on the bare cliffs.

As we gazed up at the rockface, we caught sight of rock climbers on the cliff face, and hikers waving from the viewing platforms along the Cliff Top Trail - those little people really gave perspective as to how big Mazinaw Rock really is.

Kayaking on Mazinaw Lake

With options to launch your own boat, watercraft or rent a canoe, kayak or paddleboat from Bon Echo Outfitters at the lagoon, it's easy for anyone to explore Upper, and Lower Mazinaw Lake.

When we paddled through the Narrows channel toward Upper Mazinaw Lake, we encountered big waves and heavy chop caused by the deep waters of the lake rising up to the shallow Narrows. Water was constantly cresting over the kayak and soaking me - so thankful my camera was safe in an underwater housing!

Two hundred and sixty pictographs have been painted the rockface. You might not be able to spot them all, but certainly, take the time to appreciate the ones you can find!

If you're looking for an extra challenge, try the Kishkebus Canoe Route (1.5km portage/21km paddling loop, moderate to difficult) around the rock to the nature reserve on the east side.

Other paddlers report that this is an all-day adventure, taking on average seven hours, so make sure you set off early! Also, depending on the time of year - and beaver activity - there may be unmapped portages to navigate low waters and dams.

Sunset on Mazinaw Rock

We returned to the Narrows to watch a natural wonder unfold. As the sun's rays touch the granite, its colour saturation increased until the rock is glowing golden before it fading into darkness.

I watched canoers paddle into the dying light for a unique perspective on Mazinaw Rock - I instantly wished I was on the water as well!

Next time!

The dying light sent streaking colours across the sky, casting beautiful reflections across the waters. With the last sun rays, Mazinaw Rock lit up with a last crimson glow. This fiery display lasted but a few minutes, but I’ll remember it forever.

Bon Echo Trails

Follow me down the trails in this Bon Echo Provincial Park Summer Hiking PHOTOBLOG! Explore trails through forests, discover the wetlands, and lakes with me!

From Hiking and Paddling to Glamping and Backcountry Camping

Not only does Bon Echo Provincial Park have a plethora of activities for day-trippers, but there are also many choices for overnight adventures!

There is Cabin on the Hill and other cabins for glamping, camper sites and campsites from easily accessible to hike/paddle access only backcountry sites. With such a variety, you'll be able to find the right site for your level of comfort and exploration goals!

Bon Echo Provincial Park - Towering Pines


#notsponsored - In 2019, Mike and I travelled for Lennox & Addington and created a two part series "Can You Hear the Bon Echo?" and  "Can You Hear the Bon Echo? Chapter 2" experience blog. I shot hundreds of photos over the course of our three days exploring Bon Echo Provincial Park, many of which didn't appear in the blogs, and I wanted to share the images with you!


Read our adventure stories at Bon Echo Provincial Park with Naturally L&A - our mission was to explore and photograph the highlands experience!

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